“WalMart Flowers” and living

Have you seen this video? Country singer Stephen Cochran has a fun song and video about making the most out of not having a lot of money. The song’s character doesn’t have money for romance so instead takes what he has and chooses some items that are a special treat for his ‘girlfriend.’  In comparison to a dozen roses that wither a targeted treat of WalMart flowers in a jar, a soda, candy bar and a card conveys the message on a budget.

This could perhaps be a theme song of sorts for LivingTheCountryDream because it’s not about giving up things – it’s about re-evaluating and finding what counts. It’s adapting and living with the choices we have, making the most of what we have rather than what we don’t. Attitude is everything!!


Hello world!

LiveTheCountryDream is not just about dreaming. Just dreaming doesn’t put action and it takes action to make dreams come true. That is what we want to do. This blog is one more reach out for LiveTheCountryDream.com which is an idea to bring information and an array of written material as well as online webinars, phone seminars and much more to help those in the country as well as those who want to be.

Check back – join us in living the country dream.