Food choices – are they possible anymore?

The choice in food has been increasingly altered over the last 40 years, much under the guise of ‘food safety.’  The catch is it’s only regulated in ways that – well – seem to eliminate choices in many ways. For example, if you want to purchase raw milk it’s regulated or in some states banned completely. Now if there is the same tests done on the milk as with large farms and it shows a lower somatic cell count how is it considered a health risk? It is up to the individual to select and handle it properly.

Other things include the labelling of GMO products, which although many consumers are concerned about this aspect of food safety and want that choice, is not done. Why? Because it’s already in our food. It’s said by some unless you buy organic it’s likely GMO – but anymore it seems all labels including “organic” don’t mean what many think. We’ve been in many ways eating GMO food for years – gmo involves the insertion or deletion of genes. So when you see in a garden catalog that is resistant to disease or certain bugs, it’s usually because it’s been genetically produced for that trait.

Here is another site that indicates 35% of corn and 55% of soy is GMO – from what I’ve heard from farmers and seed dealers that figure is very low. Indeed a dealer in Canada said those buying rapeseed (which produces canola oil) demand GMO seed – the non-GMO seed sits in the barn unsold. 

The only way to be reasonably sure what is in your food is growing it yourself or buying from someone who does.

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