Getting Political – or Not

Darryl Worley once spoke for many Americans saying “I hate politics. I’m PATRIOTIC!” The difference between patriotic and politics gets blurred for many. Today we see politicians thumb their nose at us. They say they understand the plight of the people then jump on the personal jet for another trip to Europe – something many Americans never get to do. And they do it on our money!

This is but one way politicians disregard what we the people say. They pay more attention to lobbyists and organizations and making deals for themselves than what we the people want done. It’s easy for Americans to get turned off and wave off the whole thing. The problem with that is it enables them to continue. The more people who distance themselves from politics the less likely they are to get fired next election!

This is a prime reason to pay attention. It’s time to get angry and do something. They take our tax dollars and spend them in a manner you or I would be jailed for. If you or I spend all our money and just go print more it’s called counterfeiting. If you or I don’t pay our bills we’re cut off! Quickly and without sympathy.

It comes to mind the man in the USA last winter who couldn’t pay his power bill, for whatever reason. The power company shut off his service and he froze to death. Yet when politicians in DC run out of money they don’t get shut off. They just reach in our pockets and take a little more.

Businesses are nervous about hiring in an environment they’ll be penalized for being ‘rich’. I’ve yet to see someone who says they’re for equal distribution ready to give up their own wealth. After all, politicians aren’t getting in coach class but on private planes. They don’t deal with the same airport security we do. They are far wealthier than most of us and although many worked hard for it many others simply find ways to get it from others.

Many of us support our soldiers but the politicians don’t. They may say they do but the inexcusable treatment of our veterans says otherwise. They would never allow an imprisoned terrorist to do without medical treatment but have no qualms telling a veteran – directly or indirectly – they aren’t worth that treatment or sorry that deal has been taken away.

Politicians vote themselves a pay raise whenever they want, but don’t want you to have a job if it means relying on those rich businessmen! They think it’s better to take from the businessman and hand to someone who has less than you so you’re out either way.

Many move to the country on a spot of land and just withdraw from it. They can’t take what you don’t have and there’s no point trying to succeed as it’s taken to give to others who think we’re not smart enough to think for ourselves.

We’re outlawed in some areas from eating transfats but the same area in NY has instruction manuals for shooting up heroin!

Insanity runs rampant and a few people can’t do enough alone to lock the insanity out – it takes more people getting mad. It’s pitiful that when half the country doesn’t vote it’s deemed a success because half did. Lives were lost to give you that right! Who are you to say those lives don’t matter?

Get mad, take an opinion. Withdrawing is no longer enough as criminals will keep taking from you until you have nothing left. It’s time to stop enabling criminal actions. Unethical actions. Passing legislation against the wishes of the people then taking from the people is theft. It would be if you told someone “no you can’t have my car” and they take it!

And it’s wrong to enable it by inaction. Like Darryl, I hate politics. But I do love America and it’s time to band with others and stop enabling the alcoholics at the bar of the general public. Don’t fool yourself into thinking if you have nothing there’s nothing to lose.

There is life. Freedom. America. Hate it, but take action. The solution to stopping a drunk from driving is stop serving him and take the keys away. It’s time to close the bar enabling politicians.

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