Grow Local? Not!

There’s a wave of people wanting to do more for themselves. Urban homesteaders, gardens, small livestock – making use of what we have. It makes sense. And in many areas it makes people mad.

It interferes with their city view and manicured lawns. It’s “an eyesore” to have gardens next door. An article HEre tells of the problem nationwide and indeed it’s banned in Detroit. (Can one do anything in Detroit? You can’t have certain dogs, can’t grow gardens, questionable living there due to crime…hmmm maybe why homes don’t sell there?! Just a thought.)

Anyway, it puzzles me why people are bothered by a half dozen tomato plants but many areas in cities and small towns alike they are. Even when weeded and in defined raised bed areas It offends some people to see anything more than a few inches tall growing. Perhaps it is because it’s harder to see in your business (personal) but whatever the reason, complaints are a source of issues for the grow local movement. There’s complaints of odor from compost (which shouldn’t have an odor!).

With the attack on such places, the restrictions to have some livestock in subdivisions and the simultaneous attack on farmers to raise food professionally one wonders where people think our food will come from in the future.

This same complaint/regulation is harboring solar and wind power in many areas while we’re told we should use more green energy. How can this be when others sue to keep it out? It drives common sense rural to a higher level.

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