Yellow Tail or Yellow Fail

Social media has brought forth the opportunity activists love – to be able to gather a wave of people into a given topic in a short amount of time. For those trying to defend themselves from rumors, lies or false allegations it can be a difficult thing to deal with. This has been the case for animal owners, farmers and others until the tactics began offensively rather than defensively.

Recently on Twitter word started about YellowTail, an Australian vegan endorsed wine, donating $100,000 to the Humane Society of the United States, a non-profit lobbying group that does not operate a single shelter. Indeed of the hundreds of dogs taken in raids last year most were left in the care of local humane societies – along with the bills. With over $130million in fundraising efforts that gets overlooked.

So what’s wrong with saving abused animals? Not a thing! Except HSUS gets the money for it and instead of DOING it uses it for legislation and more fundraising. They generated millions to  care for Michael Vick’s dogs – dogs they did not have in possession and did not pay to care for. Indeed they recommended the dogs be killed.

So when Yellow Tail donated a hundred thousand dollars to the animal rights group that cost California billions in jobs and agriculture industry, a group that has used questionable methods in raids and even consumer reports show their use of funds is questionable – it raised eyebrows. After all Yellow Tail has recipes to serve steak with their wine. Beef raisers were outraged.

Undeterred and despite hundreds of posts on their facebook page, the company charged on. The wave has grown, with farmers and ag supporters taking note of news programs and creating a YellowFail page on facebook to show their opposition to companies donating to organizations set out against them.

One which – with announcement of vegan pet foods – doesn’t think American farmers are fit to feed dogs and cats much less people. This isn’t about being nice to puppies and it’s not about supporting poor treatment of animals. It’s about maintaining the right to farm – period.

Trent Loos mentioned on NTV Nebraska of the issue. “their agenda to remove milk, meat and eggs” from people’s diet.

HSUS president Wayne Pacelle echoed what many activists have said in a news broadcast: “those groups who support activities that are at odds with the care and welfare and wellbeing of animals.”

This is further dismissive in saying that all of those responding, from small dairies to beef ranchers to family farms, housewives and people with a dozen chickens in the back yard don’t care about animal welfare. It equates keeping cattle on the ranch with the veal crates the HSUS speaks against. It equates the keeping of chickens with cages without regard to other means of keeping animals. This seems to then point to it is elimination, not just welfare, that is sought. That is something there is no negotiation for and, as action in Ohio shows, the continued criticism and harassment of farmers and ranchers and animal owners has reached a breaking point.

It’s all or nothing – and farmers need your support to make sure they can continue. For those seeking to have your own place in the country it means you too. A dozen hens, some rabbit cages and a stall with pigs being raised for meat is “wrong” in the sights of the organization with $130million in tax free dollars per year to buy and lobby politicians to get their  way. In their portrayal of “if you oppose us you’re a factory farmer” attitude means anyone who eats their own grass raised beef or home grown eggs is a factory farmer. It’s not how it’s grown…it’s that is was grown for people to eat.

Yellow Tail can apparently afford to alienate all but a small portion of Americans, although some places of business are already saying in support of farmers they won’t be ordering more of the wine.

Among the expressions:

Many agree with this cattle rancher.

Farmers of all sizes are needed to feed America and beyond.

YellowFAIL is a good name for that publicity campaign.

20 thoughts on “Yellow Tail or Yellow Fail

  1. Excellent article !! I am a rancher and truely appreciate those who can really realize what is going on with hsus and peta.

  2. Thank you for your support. I am a nurse and I am very disturbed by people who propose that everyone can get an adequate diet if it is vegetarian. There is at least one nutrient that is not available in a vegetarian diet. The CDC has the article about the babies of long term vegetarians who are born with sever birth defects because of the abscence of this nutrient.

  3. Right on! Thanks for the video. I may live in the city now but I grew up surrounded by ranches and farms and I will not support any business that gives to HSUS.

  4. Mary.. as a nurse you should be even more aware that HSUS and others like them are against medical research that uses animals.. think about where your patients would be if you did not have antibiotics or other medicines.. not a pretty picture..
    LOVED the video.. looks like Yellow Tail will be going “down under”

  5. Great article. Farmers and all animal producers, including those who breed pets, are the targets of HSUS…for those who want to help educate their friends and neighbors about the dangers of the animal rights, please see: and you will find plenty of information to share with others. We all need to help inform the voting public so that the “wool” isn’t pulled over their eyes by the HSUS double talk about animal “protection” when their idea of protection for animals is death! No cult should have the lobbying power to eliminate our democratic right to breed animals or eat meat!

  6. I have added a link about the money the H$U$ makes and where it goes.
    I dont drink wine, but I sent my letter to this yellow bellied company.
    Our family stands by and supports farmers of all kinds, dogs,cattles, pigs etc..some of the hardest working and most caring people of animals are farmers.
    I will eat a cheeseburger this week in your honor!

  7. As a small farmer and dog sport enthusiast I say “Yes! to American Ag!” and ” No!to Australian Yellow Wine and HSUS!.”

  8. H$U$, PETA and all the other animal radical organizations want you to think that they are “helping” animals. They are not. Their goal is to eliminate “animal use” from our lives; that means food, clothing, pets and medical research. They are entitled to their opinions (with which I disagree). They are not entitled to mislead the American Public into thinking their money is going to “help animals” when it is, in fact, going to a political and legislative campaign to change our way of life.

  9. Thank you for helping feed us all and thank you for refusing to support animal radicals, no matter what hat they are wearing at the time. No Yellow Tail is used in this house either.

  10. In support of Ranchers and Farmers in the United States, dog lover/hobby breeders–responsible ones are behind you 100%. Our own letter writing campaign this last week added to the general disatifaction with the company! But this video is a stroke of genius. Hope you forwarded a copy to Yellow Fail.

  11. Thanks for the post. Can’t thank the hard working farmers and ranchers enough. Most of our citizen think that food magically appears at grocery stores. Shame on HSUS, PETA and now Yellow Tail.

  12. Bottom line – H$U$ is Peta in a suit.
    They both have an agenda – to sever the ties between humans and the rest of the animal world! What a cruel, unhealthy, and sad world that would be.

    Conclusion – mandatory castration/hysterectomy of H$U$, PETA, Wayne Pacelle, and their minions to prevent the spread of this disease!!!!

  13. Thank you! As a dog sport enthusiast and small hobby breeder ( I only have 4 dogs I compete with) I appreciate the video and the support! No matter if you are a small farmer or breeder or a large corperation we all need to band together to fight HSUS and PETA’s agenda to end our right to have pets!

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