What is “big ag”

There are terms that from time to time will be pondered here. With the previous entry about YellowTail supporting HSUS to the tune of $100,000 it has raised some eyebrows perhaps. After all for most people “live the country dream” is about a small farm.

On Twitter and elsewhere one of the terms people use is “big ag”. No one can quite define what “big ag” is so the farmers and ranchers mentioned in the previous entry may or may not be “big ag”. 

When pressed frustrated activists say “big ag” is like Cargill, Monsanto and other major agribusiness companies, which are far removed from the smaller operations. We hear of tight living quarters and no room to move and yet see Mr. Troy Hadrick’s cattle in the video clip – clean, well fed animals with plenty of room to move, what appeared to be very safe and functional surroundings.

Whether you have two, ten or a few hundred cattle isn’t as important as how their cared for. Like many “homesteaders” farmers care about their cattle. They’re out in all kinds of weather insuring their animals are fed.

And “big ag” may never get a definition.


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