Why is America hungry?

People in the media make much of the hungry in America. Produce is thrown out rather than helping people.

A discussion spurred some comments. Among them Lisa “Over the summer I had an abundance of left over tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and several other veggies.  I boxed them up and took over 100 pounds to the soup kitchen.  They refused me saying that health regulations would not allow them to accept produce from any farm that was not USDA certified.  I checked further into it and its universal in our state (CT) not just that one soup kitchen.  They can no longer accept any meat/produce donations. Only boxed and canned goods purchased at a grocery store.”

Another: “A couple years back, my company had a big holiday party at the office.  We had it fully catered with food for 200, but only ended up getting 75 people to show. At the end we had an astounding amount of food left over and we called around and found an orphanage (yes, they still exist) only miles away and we offered them the food.  They were THRILLED.  These children were going to get a holiday meal.  Several of us employees loaded up our cars and drove the food there.  I never in my life seen anyone as thankful as they were when we arrived.

Just after new years, we received a note from a food director of the facility.  He was fired for accepting the donated food.  It was against policy and he did not know that. ”

Another “We had so much help when my husband was unemployed that I grew a huge garden last year so I could give back. Nope. FoodBank wouldn’t take anything. …. I can’t even bake cookies for my kids to share with their class at school.”

It’s a sad day when basic necessities are regulated as much or more than drugs. Better to have hungry people than risk a law suit?


2 thoughts on “Why is America hungry?

  1. How long before they out law Farmers Markets? Many at farmers markets are now getting certified to sell to the public.
    Our society is so concerned that we might hurt one person that we cannot help the many who are in need.

    • I think it’s going to take disastrous situations for people to realize food is food. We cannot afford to forbid farmers from getting it to consumers, and there is risk of illness be it direct from the farm or processed by experts. When one is hungry enough it matters a whole lot less.

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