Misinformation aimed at kids

Recently a page from a cartoon supposedly to educate kids came to my attention. It was regarding cattle, specifically dairy cattle which, if common sense and half a thought entered into it with even some basic math it’s discounted. When emotion overrules facts it’s not educational – it’s slanderous.

It presented a question about cows having babies at 15 months old. The ‘answer’ used an example of mice hitting maturity at a few weeks old and stated cattle are mature at a year old. There’s something they left out. Cattle have a 9 month gestation period so if they’re bred at 12-15 months plus 9 that’s what? (Come on readers play along!) Now if she has a baby at 15 months subtract 9 – that’s when she would have had to become pregnant in order to have a baby at 15 months! BEFORE PUBERTY!  It leaves out entirely that one must be mature in order to get pregnant! So now there’s many readers who think they just magically get impregnated at 12 months, perhaps microwave speed to have a baby 3 months later?! Yes I’m making light but it’s serious when people believe what they’re told without questioning.

It then goes on that eating corn and soy – grains – aren’t natural for the cow and make her belly hurt, make her sick. Think it’s tough getting kids to eat now?!! “If it makes a big cow sick I’M NOT EATING IT!”

It also points to the difference of a name and a number. OK let’s run with that one. Just for a minute. Names are good – numbers for identification aren’t. (Throw out the social security number – name is enough right?!) Let’s say it’s a standard classroom or office work place. How many Janes? Cathy? Marie? Being as cows don’t have last names it’s all first names only. Now in our human group let’s say there’s a group of 200 people – Cathy/Kathy come forward. You weren’t feeling well so here’s something to help – oh wait which one? Which one needs vitamins and which one needs treatment?

Cows don’t speak English – when faced with multiple animals of the same name it can mean treating the wrong animal. It can mean breeding the wrong animal. If Blackie is being bred to Thunder (bull) does it matter which Blackie? If one of them is his daughter or sister and the other is a newly purchased champion it certainly can make a big difference! Number 3120 vs number 7839 tells exactly which Blackie with no chance of mixup.

Most things in the country are done for a reason and that includes numbers on cows.


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