What if…

Critics are lining up to criticize the situation in the Gulf, with oil continuing to flow unchecked. This is certainly a major issue and, not being in the oil business myself, I don’t know how to fix the situation. However, the clamor for no drilling, no oil, no fuel makes me wonder.

How many of these will overlook woodstove smoke in the neighborhood for heating and cooking? How many fire up the grill to cook dinner (non gas – which means wood also)? How many are comfortable with horses enough to rely on them for power? How many are willing to forgo travel outside of their own area (including planes and trains)?

Be careful what you wish for takes on a new level because few are willing to actually make or endorse such changes. It would be devastating for cities, good for small towns and a death blow to groups pushing vegan diets and political choices.

It means you have to make room to stock up on food and prepare it when it’s in season because those volume convenience items – they rely on fuel to get to you and that won’t happen. Indeed it’s starvation for many in cities as the volume of food needed is a week away walking from the coast in many cases. Vegan food…not unless you have room to grow it yourself. You’ll get whatever is available. When people are hungry eating stray dogs, cats, squirrels, deer and other animals isn’t taboo but perhaps burgoo.

Those in the country and rural areas HAVE food – an abundance of food. However, not all is well there either. True many in the country are already much more self reliant because, as Tennessee has learned, the government support is slow coming if at all when in need. Before taking an extreme view look at the other extreme too…is it really what you want?

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