Large Farms, Small Farms, Labels & Options

The media and special interest groups alike make much of small farms vs “corporate farms”, “factory farms” and “big Ag.” With individuals also jumping on this bandwagon it, like ‘natural’, ‘organic pet food’ and ‘free range’ doesn’t really mean much.

In one forum a small farmer, a couple dozen chickens and a dozen rabbits, was deemed “big Ag” because of the idea that all farmers are needed – including large ones to feed the volume of people in the USA and beyond. That is simply fact. The majority of people don’t grow their own food, won’t grow their own food and can’t afford custom raised or certified organic.

When people move to the country it’s often to find peace of mind, to be able to raise at least a portion of one’s own food. If you live next to a 500 cow dairy, get along with the farmer and enjoy the open space does that make your 5 or 10 acres “big ag”? Of course not!

Is too much made of it? When it creates division between neighbors, peers, agriculture and other divisions does it matter?

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