Finding Your Rural Home

While many people think of country living as moving out of town on acreage and raising animals for food, a big garden and idyllic days “doing nothing” the reality is different. There’s fences to fix, barns to clean and many things people don’t think of. There is a great deal of responsibility also.

Many seniors find they don’t want 5 acres to care for with the mowing and other chores. For these people country might be a small town in a rural area, with room for a garden, ,a few chickens and rabbits and a yard for entertaining family.

Others seek the challenge of an income from pasture raising livestock and anything less than 50 acres is a hobby to them. They don’t have a bird feeder in the back yard and aren’t concerned with heirloom tomatoes or how things were done 40 years ago.

Consider all aspects before your move to the country. Do you have the ability to plow driveways clogged with snow? Are there health issues that require a particular environment? Looking at all factors can save you much unhappiness and expense.

Some reading to generate ideas:

The Have More Plan -Good overview book to generate ideas. Shows how 4 well run acres can provide a great deal of food. Prices are dated but the information is worth the time! It not only touches on the common – gardens, cows, pigs – but the less common today – squab, geese, ducks and more. It is an overview – this isn’t detailed information and doesn’t include hunting or foraging as ways to cut costs but worth the time.

Buy The Horse Property You Need – some considerations for small properties (not just horses!

Country Home Living. Never too much information if it helps!

If a home in a rural town is country to you by all means run with it! If more land is needed to make you happy enter it with an understanding of all good and bad – from the beautiful sunsets to the neighbor’s cows getting loose and walking through your yard!

Country neighbors welcome!

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