Home Grown Mushrooms

The edible mushroom is cooked in a meal to give the meal a full flavor or cooked as a side dish alone or with a vegetable; does that make the mushroom a fruit or a vegetable? There are many species of mushroom that are used for different purposes. There are the mushrooms that are edible and used in our meals or as a meal, mushrooms that are used as medicine, psychoactive mushrooms which is hallucinatory and toxic mushrooms that are dangerous if eaten. When using mushrooms that are not from a super market specifically for eating, one has to be very careful and know their mushrooms. Because mushrooms are a fungus they do not grow out of the ground like other plants.

You enjoy mushrooms so why not grow them from home. There are easy to follow instructions offered in how to grow your own mushrooms. These instructions are in kits and are step-by-step tutorials along with the spores from which to grow your own mushrooms. These kits not only help you grow your own mushrooms, but teach you to calculate how long it will take for you mushrooms to mature and show you how to calculate their dry weight. The kit will give instructions on how to log their growth, print labels for your jars, grow bags and containers. In addition, the kits offer instructions on how to ward off contamination and have flushes of mushrooms.

As most home projects, mushroom growing has a language of its own which is explained in a glossary in the kit in the instructional guides. If you prefer not to have a kit to grow your own mushrooms you can do so without one. You can grow your own mushrooms with some tools, fresh cut oak logs and much patience and you can grow whatever species of mushroom your like. Mushrooms grown at home can be grown for profit or to be used at home.

To get started in growing your own mushrooms you should first go online and find a reputable dealer that sells what one needs to grow mushrooms. When you have found a reliable dealer than order spawn. Spawn is a wet sawdust that is bound with a material called “Mycelium” which is a vegetative tissue of fungus. Something like the root system of a seasonal plant.

Log cultivation is the method closest to nature and therefore, suggested as the best way to grow mushrooms. The logs must be young and healthy and without leaves. The logs should be cut into three foot lengths and have a diameter of about three to eight inches. When the logs are ready then the spawn should be punched into them/ Holes should be drilled into the log and the spawn punched into the holes and sealed with melted wax. Avoid letting the logs dry out as the dry logs can harbor bacteria which will contaminate the new mushrooms. The Chinese, Japanese and Europeans incorporate mushrooms into most of their dishes. Whether you grow mushrooms for profit or fun enjoy what you are doing and learning.

Find out more about growing mushrooms by clicking here!

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