Dehydrated potatoes

Some time ago I stopped in a store to get plastic food storage bags.  I’d commented about drying potatoes and the lady looked at me like I said a space ship just landed in the parking lot.

“You dry potatoes?!”

Many don’t seem to think of this yet spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying – you guessed it! – dehydrated potatoes. They’re in boxes you add water or milk, butter, seasonings…skillet dinners.

When a 50 pound bag of potatoes is less than $15 but you can’t get through the whole thing, freezing and drying makes sense! Drying isn’t dependent on electricity.

I’ve found they do best shredded (hash browns) or sliced thin when dried. Blanch for 2 minutes then spread on sheets in the dehydrator and dry them down.Fresh water is needed periodically as the starch makes the water thick…but this water is great to use in bread.

If you have a lot of potatoes, you may want to change the water several
times because the potato starch will thicken the water.  Usually after
blanching 6 cups of shredded potatoes, the water needs to be changed.  You
can place about 3 cups of shredded potatoes on a leather tray or the mesh
lined tray. Make potato flakes easily at home, slices or hashbrowns.

To rehydrate, just add 1 cup of potato flakes  to 2 cups boiling water with a little salt.  Set aside for 5-10 minutes.  Add butter and milk and fluff with a fork.

If you want hash browns, just let the shredded potatoes set in the water
until rehydrated then drain and use as fresh.  If you prefer diced potatoes its tricky to get them dried thoroughly…don’t have the cube any larger than 1/4-inch thick.

For au gratin potatoes, the slices should be 1/8-inch thick.

By blanching for 2 minutes they won’t turn brown or dark. Easy to store, easy to use, easy to do quick meals on nights no one wants to cook! It’s home processing at its finest!

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