Advantages & Disadvantages of Dogs

Guest post from Connor Franklin (12)

Some advantages of having a dog or pet is that if you are gone and someone tries to break in your dog can stop them from taking something from you. Something else is that if you are bored you can go play with them and you both get exercise. Another thing is that when you are sad and they sense it and they will lick you till you smile and feel good. You can almost always count on a good mood when you have a dog as a pet.

There are a few disadvantages of having dogs as pets too. One disadvantage is having to pick up their poop and pee when they have accidents. Also they can cost a lot of money but be really ugly. Some dogs may chew up your thing that cost more money than they cost. Another disadvantage is the vet ill you have to pay although some dogs are worth it, vet bills are outrageously high.

Even though there are disadvantages to having a dog, it is better to have a dog than it is to have a cat.

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