Electric Fencing – Storey Books

Fencing is a serious issue with livestock of any kind. Getting information you can use can be confusing – this one’s so many amps and this one lists joules and there’s solar and cords and barbed wire and smooth – what to do? Electric Fencing tells you.

This is a book I saw through NetGalley – for full disclosure – but is a good, concise little book if you’re debating putting electric fencing up. It guides you through an honest look at what the different sizes and types of fences do, recommendations and how they’re constructed.

To be fair many books do that. This one goes further. It shows you how to figure up the size YOU need. There’s a thorough description on grounding your fence, and avoiding being too close to other pipes and sources that can cause stray voltage. If your horses or cattle get shocked trying to get a drink it can be difficult to determine why they aren’t drinking!

There is mention made of high tensile fencing, but it is a mention, not in depth. This is a great basic primer to guide you through if you need it, what you need and considerations you might not think of. The point of when the fence fails – and it will be when, not if – is valid, as is determining what kind of an area you’re in. Cattle in a subdivision or on a highway can be expensive!

Fence chargers, testers and picking the right system for the livestock you have are all covered. Considerations to keep animals out as well as in is included.

This is an excellent little book to help you decide what you need and, as important, what you don’t need. It’s well worth the price tag to get a good, solid advice of what you can figure works on your property.

It covers considerations of wire, tape, poly string and other considerations that are better to decide going in rather than fixing later. If you grew up around agriculture, this won’t teach you anything you don’t know. However, if you’re learning or need a refresher, this is a good, inexpensive way to do so.