Be Safe, Save Money with Road Trip Tips

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor many people a road trip means travel by car. Small things that don’t seem to matter on local trips can add up when figuring saving as on long drives. Fuel economy can take on new meaning and better fuel efficiency means cheaper road trips.

For many a road trip might signify a weekend getaway, or a trip a few hours away or even a longer trip several states to see family for the holidays. Here are some ways to make your fuel go further.

Make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape. This doesn’t mean the scratch or dirty paint – this means mechanically make sure it is running the best it can. Maintenance such as regular oil changes and making sure the filters are changed when needed, keeping the tires at the optimum level can save fuel. These things also help your car to work more efficiently and lessen the chances of a breakdown ruining your road trip.

Watch your speed. Not only can this save you from a ticket but maintaining a steady speed allows for more efficiency.

Watch your driving! Avoid fast takeoffs where you jam your foot to the floor then hit the breaks a mile up the road at the next light. Easy lane transitions and minimizing distractions helps for safer driving as well as less variance of speed. The 65 to 50 to 70 miles an hour can make your car work harder.

For many the solution may be cruise control, which does keep the speed steady. However there are a couple times you should NOT use your cruise control – specifically in the rain and on ice. Safe driving means you can let off on the gas if you start to skid. With cruise control it doesn’t let off the gas – so you can gain speed and momentum which can result in a very bad accident! Don’t take a chance – avoid the chance of hitting black ice or hydroplaning and leave the cruise control off in very wet or icy conditions!

Aside from saving gas save money by watching the fuel level and planning your fuel stops where fuel is cheaper. Sometimes 20 miles can mean a dime or more difference in fuel – and if you see that sign for the truck stop or other place to fuel up take advantage of it, especially if you are unsure of what else is up the road. Better to be safe than stuck on empty in the cold 15 miles from nowhere!

Save gas on your travel by car but be safe also. Arrive alive!

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