Consider a Job in Agriculture

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe job market in America is, for many, grim. They’ve put in years at companies that were deemed to be safe. Perhaps they work in job areas that haven’t been previously affected with job hits.

Jobs with technology, finance, research and data maintenance perhaps. Despite this there is an industry that needs people with those skills. Perhaps the pay isn’t quite as much and perhaps it’s not in the bigger cities, but some jobs are.

Have you considered a job in agriculture? One need not be in the field on a tractor or roping cattle or operating a farm to be in agriculture! Although those are jobs too and there is opportunity for hard workers there are also professional jobs that many overlook.

This is an ideal situation for someone wanting to relocate perhaps to a smaller city or perhaps move to a rural area. You can still use your skills. Some in business or graphic arts or other businesses may find working online is an advantage where the blacktop ends and the expenses are cheaper!

The opportunities in agriculture are broad due to the extremely wide range of agriculture. From traditional cattle and hogs to less common catfish and alligators the face of agriculture is ever changing.

Sales of agriculture products as well as retail stores that sell to farm customers mean that sales associates, managers and other sales representatives are needed. This can vary from general farm merchandise to feed to fertilizer.

There are always people needed to do the hands on work on farm that includes feeding, cleaning and the day to day care of livestock and crops. When we look at the store shelves and see cereal, meats, fruits and vegetables many don’t realize that every step along the way are workers to grow, harvest, process, package and sell it before it ends up on your table. If you eat out there are still more people involved in the cooking and serving of food.

The variety of jobs outside of agriculture may hold a variety of jobs within agriculture. They may not be as high paying, but everyone needs to eat. Agriculture jobs keep the food, clothing and much more flowing.

The widening scope of agriculture means that there are more jobs than ever in agriculture. If you haven’t considered a job in agriculture take another look. What are you waiting for? Your dream job may be waiting!

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