10 Top NonTraditional Campfire Songs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the coolest things about camping is gathering around the campfire at night. Maybe hotdogs and smores and toasted marshmallows have made the rounds, someone pulls out a guitar and the strains of a song begins. With just the voices of friends and a guitar around the campfire it’s a great night to either fire it up some or quiet down. Here’s some of both.

1.God Must Be a Cowboy At Heart is a Dan Seals song that begs for a campfire! With most campsites it’ll be tough to beat the spectacular mountain views and horses but the song itself takes us there wherever there’s a campfire.

2.Friday Night Fireside is a contemporary country song that made a run on the charts for Stephen Cochran. The fire plays central theme in the video here with dragging some wood up in the field and having a gathering around the fire. Upbeat, easy to sing to.

3.Let There Be Peace On Earth is often thought of as a Christmas song but it’s for every day too! Many have recorded and performed it – Marie Osmond’s performance was a standout!

4.Refiners Fire from Brian Doerksen is an inspirational song that is solid whether 2-3 people or many. You don’t even need a guitar if enough know the song!

5. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys from Willie Nelson has been a tribute and a simple song to sing around a campsite. The montage from the “Electric Horseman” movie where ‘Rising Star’ was turned loose remains as a classic in matching a song to image as the horse roared across the ground to his new wild herd.

6. The Call of the Wild by Chris LeDoux paints word pictures that are as spectacular as the land they’re about. Like Dan Seals, Chris knew horses and campfires and sleeping on the ground and both were lost far too young. They’ll be missed and these songs are a tribute.

7. The Night Riders Lament has been done by many people, most famously Garth Brooks. It’s a cowboy song but is also a perspective song. What those in the city think country folks are losing can be a different when those in the country look at what they have, unseen by those who don’t come out to visit!

8. You Just Can’t See Him From the Road is another Chris LeDoux song that pays homage to what we don’t see until we get off away from the highways and interstates. An ode to the cowboys that Wall Street and Hollywood types poke fun at. Real country and real campsites!

9. Don’t Laugh At Me is a reality song from Mark Wills that was a big country hit. It’s a song no matter where we’re from many can relate to and doesn’t take a great deal to accompany it – perfect for a campfire! Sometimes we all need to remember to see those who are overlooked. Make a difference for someone!

10. Second Wind is a song by Darryl Worley that speaks of the kind of peace and revival a campfire can bring especially near the water. We all may relate to it differently but it’s a song for all! Whether the camp is dry land, a lake, a river or just a creek it’s a “real song.”

These are songs that can take us away further or celebrate where we are. They’re easy to find and can be taken on a cd player as well as a guitar accompaniment. A cool summer night, a campfire, friends and music. Perfect!

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