Three Important Tips for Successful Sales

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe economy is tight and people are “picky” in how they spend their money. There are three points that can generate sales even in this situation. Remember sales can be food, books or services – the basics are the same.

Small local businesses can stimulate their own and local economies. Be this small farms or any other business, we must remember it is a BUSINESS! If we treat it as less than a business we won’t have a business for long. Integrity is important in applying these two points. It is basic and seems too easy but is true.

First believe in what you sell. Believing creates enthusiasm and that breeds confidence in the product and that makes sales.

Secondly that confidence from a sales person is often the deciding factor – if two sales people are present and one is confident and knowledgeable while the other is focused on a sale, most people will go with the first. Desperation doesn’t inspire any benefit for the customer.

Third focus on what your item or service does for the customer. If all they’re doing is giving you money it comes across as a scam – they part with money without getting anything back. No one likes that and in tough times many can’t afford that. It builds resentment and that works against you.

Creative people believe in their art but don’t always believe it will benefit the purchaser. Why should someone buy what you’re selling? What benefit will they get from it? It’s important face to face but is also important online. Blogs, social media tools and networking create confidence. Customers SEE through videos

No matter what item is involved make sure it has value to the customer and that you are confident in your item being a solution to what they need.

For farms and other businesses producing life’s necessities this means showing benefits – we all need food but within that is a long list of choices. Show with video. Show on blogs. It’s representing your industry as well as your business.

There are changes in purchasing decisions in times of economic trouble. However, if people want or need something badly enough they will find a way to afford it. For so long that has been justification of payments and debt for the buyer. Honest representation of a product that is of honest benefit to the customer, represented by someone who believes in what they’re selling results in successful sales.


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