Why Storage Sheds Can Be a Good Investment

A storage shed can be worth a great deal of money on several counts, depending on your needs. For those without a garage it’s a tool storage, small power equipment and often a “catch all” for extra thing that need to go “somewhere.” Sheds can range from the metal ones that go up quickly to those made of recycled materials to those that match the home. There are many reasons a storage shed can find a place on your property and many include a combination of purposes.

Garden sheds can be a haven for the gardener – with shovels, rakes and hand tools for the garden having a place locked up and out of the weather. It prevents things from getting “borrowed” and not returned. It takes care of them so the good tools you bought are an investment that lasts for years. Really ambitious gardeners with a good location for their garden shed can have a potting bench, overhead area to store things or hang planters at the end of the season and an easy place to add an extension for a greenhouse for starting early seeds. A barrel or trash can serves as a compost bin that results in rich compost for the gardening season – using a six month cycle to “cook” you can use compost both fall and spring from “waste” otherwise thrown away. Hoses and other items last longer with good care. By efficiently storing things using floor, wall, counter and overhead space, a garden shed can have considerable room inside for gardening equipment. Hanging baskets can find a home here during the off season.

Tool sheds can provide a place not only for storage of tools but to work on your mower or other small engines. It can be a place to repair bikes, store extra parts for mowers and fluids for cars. It is a place to keep fuel for the mowers and other small engines locked securely up. With a little planning overhead storage can be ued for outdoor sporting equipment such as tents, bikes and other things that need protection but get in the way on the covered porch and aren’t really welcome in the house. Small repairs can be done easily on a work bench in the corner of the shed.

A good outdoor shed can play problem solver for a wide range of storage issues. It can also be a place to store the patio furniture and hammock for the winter. It’s an easy place to store tubs with seasonal decorations and a wide range of things you don’t want to throw out but don’t need in the house. Plastic tubs store seasonal decorations to keep them dry and pest free, and a couple sheets of inexpensive wafer board overhead in the rafters gives a place to store these tubs where they are out of the way yet accessible.

These can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the type of shed purchased or built. Locks on the doors help keep people out but pay attention to hinges and hardware too. A good shed is an investment…what can it do for you?

  • Storage sheds provide a place to put things in an organized fashion.
  • Garden sheds store hoses, tools and other items easily if maximum use of space is made.
  • Proper care of items makes them last longer.

Did you know?That $30 per month rental unit costs you $360 per year…are the things you’re storing worth that much to you? Storing it at home gives better access!

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