Safety Pays for Fall Trips in Rural Areas

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFall travel is a wonderful time to save a little money as well as see some spectacular sites. Many people enjoy trips to watch the fall leaves or see wildlife but remember that this also means safe travel, for both you and other motorists.

Pay attention to the road and what is going on around you. If you enjoy the country sights during the fall remember there are many who make their living in those country areas. Slow down and be aware of slow moving tractors, combines, grain trucks and other farm equipment that base their livelihood on what is harvested this time of year. If you are in too much of a hurry and your Toyota meets a combine you will lose.

Farming is among the most dangerous of professions anyway – give plenty of room to farm equipment. Don’t assume the farmer is going straight – or is doing it just to slow you down! They may have a field across the road with the only gate a half mile up the road.

Another possibility you may encounter is large livestock trailers, from stock trailers to semis. A trailer loaded with livestock is a lot of weight, and it’s weight that moves! Don’t pull out in front of them – what you think is a safe distance is not enough room for the loaded rig to stop if your vehicle should stall.

Another possibility in rural areas is that of meeting with livestock and/or wildlife. Again – slow down, take your time. A healthy travel vacation means enjoying what’s out there and that means even the unpredictability of farm life. Cows can give the impression of laziness when grazing in the field or laying in the shade, but a cow that gets out of the field and panics, or calves that break through a fence can move faster than you think. Horses, also, can change direction incredibly fast and too many people do not give them room. Many people are killed and injured every year because motorists drove up on a horse without caution. I’d had people that when the horse is spooking at something the motorist cannot see actually HONK at the horse – believe me that does NOT help the situation! Then there’s a spooked horse that now is afraid of the other thing,

Deer are a major hazard every year not only in urban areas but rural ones too. Some areas have wild hogs, elk and even turkey or coyotes can cause a problem if the motorist panics and swerves.

For many people safe travel comes to just watching speed, being aware and taking your time but vehicle maintenance makes a difference also. Before heading out on your fall travel make sure your vehicle has fall maintenance done. Byrne Automotive, a family owned service center in Gorham NH, has these tips for safety before you head out to view the beautiful fall foliage:

1.Check hoses and belts.

2. Check brake pads, replace if needed.

3.Check brake fluid

4. Check transmission fluid

5.Do a visual inspection of the car including tires. Insert a penny in the tread – if you see most of Lincoln’s head there’s not enough tread for safety.

Enjoy your fall travel – but do so safely! Proper vehicle maintenance and driving is important.

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