Keeping Drains Cleaner

Small differences can save big money when it comes to preventing repairs for clogged drains. Whether in the sink or shower, as well as drains in the rest of the home, it makes for less expense to use some simple daily routines.

Many people swear on baking soda to keep drains smelling fresh. However, it also pays to limit the amount of kitchen waste that goes down the drain. Grease, excessive food particles and many other items were not made to be in your drain system or the septic tank or sewer. The hamburger grease, bacon drippings and other greases and oils should be kept AWAY from your drain!

In the shower don’t allow clumps of hair to make it down the drain where it becomes a bigger drain that eventually can keep water from getting through effectively. Use caution in dropping small items down the drain such as the covers to disposable razors. Hair in the bathroom sink is another. A damp paper towel can pick up the hair dropped in the sink and on the counter and be composted.

Keep drain spouts and gutters clear of leaves and debris. This allows better water flow and prevents the down spouts from getting clogged with leaves. Like the hair these can be put into a compost area and turned into something good for your garaden.

For minor clogs many people use a plunger but take care that you aren’t compacting rather than eliminating the clog. This makes a long term difference! A small “snake” can be purchased inexpensively and often will break up small clogs.

Prevention is always better than curing a clog once it happens!

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