10 Top Halloween Songs for Your Party

No matter what type of party music can set the mood – here’s some ideas for songs for Halloween parties.

Thriller is the song of a generation for Halloween. It redefined music videos. It had enough of a “what if” out of control that creates fear even when you “know better.” The full length official video starts with what it turns out is a movie, but the movie becomes reality for the characters. With input from Vincent Price the evil is given a face as ghouls come to life. It’s an ideal dance tune and is featured at Halloween parties even in country music territory.

Hazard – not typically thought of as a Halloween song but consider it. It’s a classic story song but creates more questions than it answers. An unsolved murder – or was it suicide? Was he framed and set up because people expected him to be ‘trouble’ and would believe it?

Tubular Bells Pt 1 – Is there anything creepier any time of year but especially on Halloween than the theme from the Exorcist? It doesn’t need a lyric or voice to give chills.

Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett portrayed a lab experiment gone wrong with the Monster Mash. When “spooky” or “monster” songs come out this one leads the charge!

Stampede – Chris LeDoux painted a picture of the desperate attempt to control a terrorized herd of cattle in a lightning storm as his horse fell and he stood up to find the cattle about to run him over. He woke to find a peaceful camp site and about the time he thought it was a dream the real terror of being out of control hit as the ground shook with a real stampede. Being out of control is the core of being scared – or thinking we’re out of control!

Ghostbusters – few found Ghostbusters frightening but it did hum the infectious theme song and it’s remained as a Halloween favorite for many.

Don’t Fear The Reaper is not only a classic rock song but Blue Oyster Cult made it theirs. Recognizable and can fit in a party easily.

Somebody’s Watching Me Rockwell brings paranoia to a new level with lyric, glimpses from scary movies and the imagination. Large dogs to colored water in the shower to invasion of privacy but is it real or imagined? Sometimes the things we imagine are so much different!

Ghost Riders In the Sky painted another runaway cattle herd but this one much more symbolic. Johnny Cash made us feel the hot breath of the Devil’s cattle as the ghost riders chased the herd endlessly across the sky.

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah gives a light hearted look at what happens when – well things go not according to plan!

Look for the unusual – look through soundtracks and scary movies as well as popular music. Scary music isn’t just for Halloween!

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