Finding TV Bargains Without Christmas Shopping Crowds

Television_setFinding bargains on TVs is easier today than ever before.While many don’t have a television in their rural home, others enjoy watching live television or even just for watching DVDs and movies.

With the use of the internet we can search in surrounding towns as well as further away. It saves us gas, time and increases the selection. However, unlike many items that are easy to ship finding Christmas bargains on TVs isn’t as easy if it seems sometimes when shipping is considered. Here are five ideas for finding bargains on TVs that don’t involve what can seem like a rugby match trying to get the few on store special!

1. Local pawn shops can be a source of many items especially in a down economy as people need a little extra help. They take in an item thinking they’ll be back in a month and one more thing goes wrong – and the item is up for sale. Often the TVs and other electronics can be hooked up to see that they work. Some may have a cosmetic scratch. Thrift stores in some areas also have televisions although many are older.

2. – if you’re ready to buy with cash in hand, then Craigslist can be a way to get a good used or barely used TV. A recent post on the Nashville list, for example, showed a LG 30″ super slim direct view integrated HDTV for $240. From the Denver list a Vizio 32″ LCD HDRV Still in the box was $500 – $150 off the store price.

3. – yes they have electronics! Name brands with accessories, suchc as Samsung 52 inch recently advertised at almost $400 off, in stock with free shipping at $1509. what you are looking for depends on how big of a bargain you’ll get but there are deals to be had if you simply want a nice TV at a savings. With shipping available it eliminates having to go anywhere or fight the crowds.

4. Don’t overlook “scratch merchandise” sales or outlets. Sometimes an appliance gets a scratch or is bumped and damaged on the corner. It’s still perfectly fine operationally but if you look close there’s that slight imperfection. Is that worth $100, 200, 300 off? For many people the answer is YES!

5. advertises many electronics including TVs with advertised free shsipping. They recently advertised Phillips 42″ televisions for $98 with a 65″Mitsubishi for around $1500.

These are places often overlooked as sources for electronics including televisions for the home or as Christmas gifts. If you can handle the idea that the item is used or may be slightly damaged it’s a great way to save money and/or get a bigger TV than you thought you could.

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