Great Personalized Gifts Under $20

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes cheap holiday gifts are the way to go. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be cherished. Choose wisely and your under $20 gift may be the favorite one under the tree! Here are some holiday gifts for $20 or less.

Is there something that the recipient wants to do? Perhaps they’re thinking of starting a business but don’t have much startup cash, or they’re not sure what to do to get started. A book, purchased like new from Amazon or other online outlets can be a solution. Depending on what you find you may be able to give two or three books, with a good basic information to start. Perhaps they like to cook or want to start a garden or are trying to stretch the budget – all of these topics have a great deal of opportunity. Feedback from other readers can help also.

Music is always a good option and if there’s a favorite singer or band with a new cd out this is an easy under $20 item that is sure to be enjoyed and used! Be sure to find out if they have the CD before buying. A movie or DVD is another option that usually is under $20. These can be found not only at eBay and Amazon but also retail places such as Best Buy and Target through their online stores. You save money and time shopping from home and give a great gift.

Many magazines have specials this time of year. This is a gift that gives year round and can be on a particular interest or to help towards a goal. They can vary but some like Countryside covers gardens, recycling, small and large livestock and a wide range of other topics, and a year is just $18 US rate. $30 is over our limit here but springs for two years. Mother Earth News has long been a resource for the self sufficiency and recycling movement – pay at the time of order and give a gift for just $10 for a year! The Auto Restorer has a magazine tailor made for them – 12 issues just $20. Whatever the interest there’s a magazine out there!

Do some searching and find good used items for under $20 and sometimes free. Online acquaintances have found good items from breadmakers to food dehydrators for free or pennies on the dollar – this can be a great way to get someone an item they really want but can’t afford – without breaking your bank account either.

Finally don’t overlook making a gift. A bird lover may love a hand made bird house or bird feeder. A simple bookcase, table or many other items can be made. This can cost you materials (under $20) and a little time. Sometimes time is the most precious commodity and the use of it for a hand made gift means a great deal.

Many gift baskets can be purchased or made for under $20. Sometimes their favorite gift will be something that is a benefit no matter the cost.

Christmas gift giving doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little thought you may find you have enough for two gifts still at or under $20.