Abuse on Farms

I became aware last night of a video shot by an animal rights group at a farm in Ohio. It has taken this long to simmer to stringing words together that made some type of sense rather than venting alone but may still appear as both.

The idea that it’s standard practice to abuse animals in agriculture is wrong. Does it happen? Sure it does. There are bad actors in any industry and ag is no exception. There are many who for a moment reprimand an animal harsher than intended or who in standard acceptable practice goes wrong and if captured on video perhaps could look much different. But sticking cattle with pitchforks in the milking parlor, hitting, slapping and throwing calves, beating cows with crowbars is absolutely unacceptable. Dairy cattle will not produce in an environment there is fear and cattle subjected to such practices will be fearful.

The mention on the video of a mastitis cow – perhaps a surge in them – can be an indication that should have been picked up by the owner. Slapping a cow to encourage to get up in some situations is needed – tieing her up and hitting her in the head with a crowbar is NOT.

The farming and dairy industry has condemned these actions easily found online. This is not a video that is easy to watch. I was livid at the images on the screen. But this wasn’t even at a full boil until I found out the “undercover” person continued filming and letting it go on for WEEKS – nearly a month! – so that they could put a ‘go vegan’ on the end and benefit HSUS in Ohio call for more regulation. The cameraman should also face charges and if involved so should the organizations funding it…standing by and letting such abuse continue in order to paint all dairy farmers as cruel shows these groups DO NOT care for animal welfare. If they did the video would not have been held onto for nearly a month.

Most people farm and have animals for the love of animals. Even animals raised for food. There is no excuse for the kind of behavior demonstrated in this situation. Presenting that as happening on farms everywhere is slanderous – it does NOT.

The people involved need to be punished. Whether directly or indirectly involved there is no excuse for letting it continue.