No taxes no vote?

A news blip on yahoo states nearly half of people in the US will not pay taxes. While that’s not unexpected the responses are incredible. BobG says “If you don’t pay taxes you should not be allowed to vote!” This was followed by “Astounded” saying “I’ve been making those points for years. No skin in the game, no vote. Of course, that would eliminate a very large proportion of Obama voters…”, Tevis T added “I agree that people who don’t pay federal income taxes should not be able to vote for a federal office. Likewise, people who do not pay state income taxes should not be able to vote for state offices (governor, assembly), and so on and so forth at the county and local level.”

As many work but don’t owe taxes due to income level that eliminates many who have not voted for ‘business as usual’ in DC. It also allows even more those with money to run things which is how corruption started to begin with – this company buying this favor or donation to that fund. Further it eliminates many soldiers who serve overseas and don’t pay taxes.

The idea that people who aren’t as educated or wealthy are somehow less deserving or are automatically on welfare is wrong. Many in rural areas, seeking things other than money, then are eliminated from voting?!

Perhaps, like many we in the country seek the opportunity – not wanting to take from “the rich” but wanting a fair shake. It’s for this reason many in rural areas start small businesses, be it selling off the farm or hundreds of other ways that may not get rich but is enough to get by.

The divide between those who have money and are paying taxes – and understandably frustrated how it’s being spent – is shared by many who don’t have money and, as echoed by many, have little incentive as it’s going to be taken by the government. It’s many of those people whose votes are needed to make the changes. America wasn’t a place just for the privileged rich. It’s a place for those who want something better – who want an opportunity.

Whether that’s making $20,000 per year repairing small engines in your garage or running a multi-million dollar company it takes many threads to make the fabric of America. Burning the quilt because someone took one doesn’t make sense.