Michigan governor – what was she thinking?

Michigan’s economic woes have been well documented. From automaker failures to government intervention. National ag day is, for most, a day to celebrate the diversity in agriculture from the small gardens to the purebred livestock to the commercial growers. Except for Michigan.

Agriculture – the one thriving industry in the state – received a kick in the teeth when the governor proclaimed it meat free…vegan. Somewhat like flipping the bird to everyone who raises animals in the state. The backlash is large, from over 3000 people on a FaceBook page to discussion on Twitter which prompted 52 people to join one supporting the vegan day.

People can choose to eat whatever they want. You CHOOSE to stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet great. No one is demanding you eat meat. Perhaps it’s time to take note of that. Equally don’t demand everyone else conform to YOUR choices. Most don’t – they see it the same as a personal choice. Those wanting to convert the masses aren’t happy with other people’s choices. There are places willing to grow food for you personally – such as SlowMoneyFarm – that insures no matter what your choices are it’s met. The “meat out” idea infringes on choice – and if you disagree with that then you won’t be imposed on to have a day everyone has to eat pork or beef or chicken or rabbit.

From the homesteader raising it themselves to the farmers coast to coast to the consumer of food whatever your choices may be it’s time to think about where your food comes from. Enjoy the abundant choices agriculture provides and thank those who provide it.